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Wild Old West - Biographical concept art's book - English version


It is a series of short biographical concept arts that will tell the story of a small, forgotten Old West city that had its quietness interrupted by the abrupt construction of a railroad in its vicinity. But why?


Lascapata is a quiet, little-known, little-visited Old West town. The city had its good times when its mines were full but that is a long time ago. For many, many years this simple territory was nothing but a barren land, very hot, not productive and very, very wild, where farmers and traders had to work very hard to survive another day. Despite the constant sighting of natives nearby, there have never been reports of conflicts between the townspeople and the Indians. So far!

The reigning peace in Lascapata was recently broken when the local banker, in partnership with a foreign tycoon, decided to invest in a railroad in the city. The strange fact attracted travelers of all kinds, shapes and sizes, coming for work and land.

Meet some of the characters:

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